Industrial Burners IBSR N Series Dual Block Heavy Oil Fuel

The IBSR N series industrial burner is a disjoint DUAL-BLOCK type burner powered with NAPHTHA 50°E at 50°C. The main features of this naphtha burner are high performances in terms of efficiency, energy-saving and eco-friendly with its low emissions that make it one of the best solution in the industry in terms of reducing emissions of NOx and optimization of combustion processes. The high performances obtained are the result of the use of innovative techniques in its implementation, as the electronic cam, and the high-tech of all the components that constitute it.

The technology is also at the forefront in terms of the remote management of this naphtha burner: all burner’s data, parameters and operating cycles can be monitored remotely through a web interface that is accessible via personal computer (PC) and also via latest generation of mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, iPhone and iPad.

Due to its high flexibility, which allows its use in many industries, IBSR N series DUAL-BLOCK industrial burner powered with naphtha has a wide range of applications: from food industry to textiles, light and heavy industry to pharmaceuticals; it also can be installed in other types of productive system like furnaces or asphalt plants.

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  • Capacity from 4,700 kW to 50,000 kW
  • Electronic cam for optimum combustion
  • Robustness: use of pickled steel sheet
  • Register to adjust flame’s geometry
  • Low NOx emissions
  • Versatility: great for asphalt and special plants
  • CE certified
  • Possible implementation to obtain an operating range 1:10
  • Possibility of tele-monitoring and tele-management of burner’s operation kits
  • Possibility, on request, of higher powers.



The IBSR N series DUAL-BLOCK industrial burner, powered with NAPHTHA 50°E at 50°C, and equipped with electronic cam technology, is composed of:

  • painted steel structure with inspection cover
  • pipe flame
  • ignition transformer
  • ignition cables
  • photocell
  • glass window for flame’s visual inspection
  • electronic servomotor for air regulation’s damper completed of joint and link bracket.

Naphtha circuit includes:

  • control valve full of eccentric and electronic servomotor
  • solenoid locking magnet with diodes bridge rectifier and varistor
  • protection carter
  • flexible connectors inlet / return / valve
  • lance with heating cable completed of telescope
  • spindle
  • diffusor disk
  • premixed pilot with air by the fan with reduction gears to adjust the flow rate; if inverter is required, air premixed will be compressed
  • register with blades assembled with adjustable opening on the rear plate of the burner to regulate flame’s geometry.



IBSR N series industrial burner can be used in different industrial sectors and it is suitable for the installation in plants producing hot/overheated water or steam principally with fire tube steam boilers. Examples of application can be find below.

Food industry:

  • Dairy
  • Coffee processing factory
  • Distilleries


  • Tanneries
  • Thread-making factory

Industrial sector:

  • Asphalt  plants
  • Incinerators
  • Steam-powered plants
  • Energy plants (heating and similar)
  • Paper mills
  • Cement plants

Chemical / pharmaceutical

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