Our History

Sig. Gullo
The roots of Energy Ltd. Industrial Burners (EBI) were born in 1976: the founder of the EBI, Mr. Lino Gullo, began in 1976 the activity as an employee in a firm of industrial burners.

In 1982, Mr. Gullo began his business in the world of service, but not only, also in automation.

In 1988, develops and designs its first thermal power plant with 40 MW boilers 4 double burner and the mixed gas / naphtha control system and burner adjustment by PLC Siemens, fail-safe and supervision of the thermal power plant with DCS HB (now absorbed by ABB).
The goal: to provide the customer with a thermal power plant turnkey high-tech 160 MW steam.
Since that time the applications follow one after the other.
These successes push us to specialize in industrial burners.
So in 1992 Lino Gullo in collaboration with his sister Maria Rosa founded the EBI, undertaking corporate growth marked on the construction of industrial burners and on automation.

Today about 30 employees and more than a pool of selected suppliers are part of Energy in order to have an innovative product, a fusion of technology and design, and our goal is to save energy in the environment.